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The empire has launched thousands of imperial probe droids to discover the location of the rebel base.
Your task is to shoot them down before they discover the power generator. Once a probe droid has located the generator, it will start to transmit (emit transmitting sound as well as flash). Destroy these within 10 seconds or the
empire will know of you existance and launch its second attack

Take on the walking behemoths and prevent them from destroying the power generator. These creatures are equipped with an advaced sheild technology, leaving only 2 vunerable spots. The head (front visor only) and the legs. The
head can be destroyed with 10 well placed hits. The front legs can be taken out with a single tow cable. Aiding the AT-ATs are the smaller, but just as aggresive AT-STs. Again, their armour is inpenatrable except for the front
visor. 5 direct visor shots will kill this chicken beast. You can gain additional bonus point by flying between the legs of the AT-ATs.

The imperial forces are attempting to hinder your escape !
Face the fleet Head taking on squadrons of tie fighters.

The Asteroid belt Avoid the asteroids at all costs. Lasers are useless against these chunks of rock, so just sit back and dodge, dodge, dodge ! Remeber, the chances of successfully navigating an asteroid feild are approximatly 3720 : 1 !!!

JEDI letters are awarded for completeing various things thru each wave. Shooting a number of enemies or simply surviving the wave (asteroids)
For collecting all four JEDI letters you will be awarded 50,000


Licence type - FREEWARE


Download Size - 48.8 mb